[Update] Re Zero Season 2 Release Date Postponed to July 2020 Due to Coronavirus Outbreak!!!! Read to Learn More

All the stunning fans of “RE ZERO- STARTING LIFE IN ANOTHER WORLD” are in love with this anime. This Japanese light novel series acquired a lot of love and massive viewership from the audiences. The series is written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichiro Otsuka. As soon as the first season ended, fans become excited for Re Zero Season 2

As every Re Zero fan is eager to know the details of the second season, so here in this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming storyline, characters, and release date of the upcoming season. So, let’s move on to the main content of this article!!!!



We have seen that the storyline of this anime revolves around Natsuki Subaru, who does nothing and only plays games. He was summoned to another world, and soon he gained the ability to “return to death.” His ability helped him to reverse time by dying. At the end of season 1, we have seen that Natsuki defeated the Witch cult and the Sin Archbishop of Sloth.

We may probably see that Re Zero Season 2 will pick up from where it left in the first season. It will not directly start from where it left in the first season but the second season will surely have some twists and turns. We can’t say much about the plot of the upcoming season because we have very little information about it.r

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In the first season of the Re Zero, we have seen many wonderful characters like Natsuki Subaru, Emilia, Puck, Roswaal L Mathers, Ram, Rem, Beatrice, Otto Sumen, Patrasche, Frederica Baumann and many other. We will surely see many of them again in the second season. We don’t have any update about any new character, so we have to wait to know more about any new characters in the upcoming season.


Earlier, it was decided that the new season of the Re Zero will arrive in April 2020, but due to the current pandemic, which is prevailing almost in every part of the world, we have to wait a little more for the second season. As per the anime makers, the new season will arrive in July 2020. Fans should hope for the quick arrival of the Re Zero season 2.

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