Vampire Knight Season 3:Release Date, Storyline, and Discussions!

Anime shows have been the top on the list of all the fans of the manga adaptations, as they never go out of style. Vampire Knight is a dark fantasy anime series which was written and directed by Matsuri Hino and Kiyoko Sayama. The supernatural drama is officially licensed by Viz Media. Here is all you need to know about Vampire Knight Season 3!

Vampire Knight Season 3: Is the third season coming out soon?

As of for the third season the release date is yet to be announced. Vampire Knight released its first season back in 2008 on April 8 and wrapped the airing by July 1, 2008. TV Tokyo, premiered the second season in the same year from 7th, October to 30th, December. Almost a decade has passed since the anime showed up any updates on the arrival of the next season. Meanwhile, renewal of the show cannot be assured but keeping hopes alive that Vampire Knight Season 3 might release sometime in 2021-22.

Also, a petition was carried out by the fans of the show who highly expect the third season which showed a great result containing 52,000 signatures. Moreover, the ending of season 2 is not satisfactory as per the audience’s point of view which remains another reason for expecting a renewal.

Vampire Knight Season 3:Release Date, Storyline, and Discussions!

The Characters

If Vampire Knight Season 3 is renewed the fans, as well as the audience, expect all the previous characters to kame a comeback. Below given are the names of the anticipated characters:

  • Yuuki Cross as the main protagonist
  • Zero Kiryuu, as a childhood friend of Yuuki
  • Kaname Kuran, as vampire of Kuran clan
  • Kaien Cross, as headmaster of Cross Academy

We hope to hear an official announcement from the makers very soon! Until then you can check more updates on Classroom of the Elite Season 2 and more.

Vampire Knight Season 3 Plot

The story has a mysterious plot about vampires’ existence with real human beings. Cross Academy, an institution that runs its classes in morning and night shifts is mastered by Kaien Cross. Yuuki and Zero (daughter of the Headmaster) are the students of the school who are appointed to keep the night shift learning of the vampires a secret from other children. Where Yuuki is keenly interested in serving as a guardian to the vampire learning Zero isn’t in the favour of the latter. Moreover, he wants to destroy all the vamps out there. Meanwhile, Yuuki has a crush on Kaname Kuran one of the vampires. Will Vampire Knight Season 3 continue on this?

Further, Zero plots the death of a pureblood vampire in which he succeeds but was later ordered to be punished by the head vampires. It was Kuran’s noble gesture that might save the latter from the punishment. However, Kaname also has a different outlook which the story offers later. It will be exciting to watch the further story of coexistence between humans and vampires.

Also for those who want to watch the show in English- dub can refer to Anime-Planet


The Trailer

Till now the official trailer for Vampire Knight Season 3 has not been launched yet. Those interested in the show can check out the trailer given below.

Until we come back with more updates, check out the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 and more.

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