When is The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Coming: Release date, Plot Theory & Everything we know so far

The Shield Hero’s Rising is an animation series of action-adventure, comedy-drama. It was released on June 9, 2019. The Series was directed by Takao Abo, Kouji Furukawa, and Shinpei Wada. So far, 1 season has been released. Crunchyroll Expo debuted on the show. Now the buzz is all about the start of season 2. Fans are excited about Season 2, and Season 3 is confirmed.

The story revolves around four heroes who are inside a virtual planet. After a wave of calamity, they stopped the flood. We were then taken to a separate dream world. And they were called “Shield Heroes” in Melromarc. They’re parting their way. Two of them, with Myne Melromarc, followed by Naofumi Iwatani. Soon, she betrays him, steals his money, and accuses him of profiting from it. He was then looked on as a suspect.

So, in his heart with hate and he sets out alone. And, vowing revenge on those who did him wrong.

Season one has a total of 25 episodes and was a major hit in the television industry. The Rising Of The Shield Hero has been given a rating of 8/10 by IMDb, 8/10 by MyAnimeList, and 4.7 by Crunchyroll. The rating clearly shows the perfection with which the Series has been written, directed, and presented.

It also justifies the show’s popularity amongst all the fans worldwide. The Rising of The Shield Hero is one of the most-watched animes of 2019 and is also featured in the “Top Ten Anime Character Emotional Rage Moments” by Watchmojo.com. 

Makers have not released a fixed release date of the second season, but it’s anticipated that the show could be postponed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and all the disasters that it has caused. So…..to conclude we know that there will be a second season; we just don’t know the exact releasing date.


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