Derry Girls Season 3: Saoirse-Monica Jackson is Returning in the Final Season & Here What will Happen

The British sitcom show Derry Girls created by Lisa McGee garnered a lot of appreciation in the UK and other countries. Set in Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1990s, the show explores the lives of teenage girls Erin, Orla, Claire, Michelle, and Michelle’s cousin James who attend a Catholic secondary girl’s school.

Derry went through a difficult time after Operation Motorman in 1972. The violence and hate against the British Army continued in the town throughout the 1980s. By the 1990s, things started to cool down.

However, James was sent to an all-girl school to hide his English accent for his safety. The first season premiered in January 2018 on Channel 4. Similarly, the second season released in 2019 and the third season was commissioned for 2020.

The show casts Saoirse-Monica Jackson as the energetic Erin Quinn, Louisa Harland as Erin’s maternal cousin Orla and Nicola Coughlan as Claire Devlin, Erin’s best friend. James-Lee O’Donnell plays Michelle Mallon and Dylan Llewellyn stars as James Maguire, Michelle’s cousin.

Other stars in the show are Tara Lynne O’Neil and Kathy Kiera Clarke. The creators of the show beautifully capture the essence of teenage and how these girls see a future for themselves even amidst turmoil in the 1990s Northern Ireland.

The show has been able to create a cult fanbase due to its raw and genuine performances. Tommy Tiernan, who plays Erin Quinn’s father had admitted that the coming season would be the last one. Lisa McGee is in the process of developing the third season.

Thus, she has not revealed yet whether this will be the end of our beloved show and its charming characters. According to reports, filming for the third season would have started in April. However, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, it might get further delayed.

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