World of Warcraft Classic Addons : The Best Mods & How To Install Them

World of Warcraft Classic addons bring the experience of the game to a whole new level. Players of the legendary MMORPG have loved the game for over 15 years. Blizzard recently launched WoW Classic in 2019 to take players back to the old days. However, even through nostalgia, you can tell that a lot of factors of the game didn’t age very well. It also shows how many improvements Blizzard has made over the years through the various expansions of the game. Read on to know how to install mods and addons to make your WoW Classic experience even better.

If you will click on the name of the mod, it will take you to the page where you can find it.

World Of Warcraft Classic Addons: How To Install Mods

Whenever you download a mod, it will be in a ‘.zip’ file. You’ll find it in your Downloads directory or wherever you decided to download it to. Extract the contents of the zip file in a separate folder. The zip file will give you a folder which will have the name of the mod. You need to copy this extracted folder into the following directory:

For Windows users – Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/_classic_/Interface/AddOns

For Mac users – Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns

Note: If you have installed WoW in a different location from the default one, you’ll need to go into that folder. 

The Best From All World Of Warcraft Classic Addons 

Now, this is a personal opinion and the best mod may be something entirely different for you. But that’s the beauty of mods; to each their own. For me, the best mod is OmniCC Classic. But what does it do? When your abilities go on cooldown, the classic UI puts a timer sweep to show the ability’s cooldown. Now that’s not really helpful at all. 

World of Warcraft Classic Addons : The Best Mods & How To Install Them

OmniCC simply adds numbered cooldowns. It may not seem like a big deal but it really is. When you’re in the heat of battle, it’s helpful to know exactly when your abilities will be up. As a person who plays a lot of mage, I find this addon to be the most helpful.

Must Have World Of Warcraft Classic Addons

In this section, I will recommend the addons that I believe everyone must have for WoW Classic. 

  1. Bartender4 – The old action bar of the game is well, old. This addon completely replaces the default action with an entirely customizable one.  You can change the size, transparency and positioning of the UI. This gives a really personal feel while you play. Apart from that you can also write macros to achieve specific tasks. 
  2. Questie – In WoW classic, there are no highlighted areas when it comes to quests as there are in modern WoW. This is where Questie comes in. It puts available quests on the map with potential locations of the objectives.  World Of Warcraft Classic Addons 
  3. Bagnon – One of the most tedious things is handling inventories across multiple bags. This addon condenses everything into one gigantic bag. Along with that, it automatically sorts items by type. It also tracks items across all your characters.

Situational World Of Warcraft Classic Addons 

Apart from the addons mentioned above, there are a few others that you might find helpful. 

  1. VendorPrice – It simply helps you decide what to sell or safely throw out when you run out of inventory space. World Of Warcraft Classic Addons 
  2. Details! Damage Meter Classic – this addon breaks down how much damage or healing is done. This can be from you or members of your party.
  3. Deadly Boss Mods – the mod nudges you when something approaches you and points to where it is. 
  4. Auctionator Classic – we all know that managing auction house listings is no fun. The mod suggests listing prices and automates posting of items. 

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