Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13: Release Date, Cast!

The rise Inc. has quite recently come up with an anime series. Yashahime Princess Half-demon was first released in May 2020. The series is about two twin sisters who separate. They, however, later meet again. The license for broadcast in Southeast Asian Territories is with Medialink. North and Latin American territories license are with Viz Media. Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13 coming soon?

What is the Release Date of Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13?

The fans are anxiously waiting for the release of Episode 13. The release date is December 26, 2020, at 5.30 pm JST. So, now the fans have enough time to plan to watch the episode.

Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13: Release Date, Cast!

The Official Announcement

The announcement for Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13 came soon after the last episode aired. It is exciting news for its fans who keep waiting for updates about the show. The series has enough elements to keep the viewers glued. The initial announcement in May was much awaited.

Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13: Release Date, Cast!

The Storyline

Towa, a four-year-old girl, gets separated from her twin. She is  Sesshōmaru’s daughter. Setsuna, her younger twin, doesn’t know what has happened. Towa is stranded in the modern era. She knows nothing about it. Kagome Higurashi adopts Towa.

When Towa and Setsuna are re-united, they realize the trouble The Spirit of the Tree of Ages informs them about. Soon after, Towa learns unexpected things about Setsuna. Setsuna becomes a demon-slayer while she was away. Moroha has no valid memory of her parents. Their paternal dog-demon grandfather is scheming on a great time warp.  They now have to sort things out. They should accordingly plan out their subsequent activities. Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13 will continue on this?

Will they be able to prevent the warping of time? Watch Episode 13 to know more!

The Cast of Yashahime Princess Half-demon Episode 13

There are a lot of voice artists in the anime. They make the show truly a delight to watch. Nevertheless, the expressions are completely carried out in the expert voices. We see Towa and Setsuna in the main lead. However, there are other great characters too. There is Kagome Higurashi and Sesshōmaru. Various other characters make the show a complete package deal. Episode 13 will cast them all?

Yashahime Princess Half-demon

The Trailer

Don’t forget to catch the trailer here. You will get a synopsis of Episode 13 here.


Yashahime Princess Half-demon is available on Hulu, Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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