‘Yusuke Kobayashi’ is Back In “Dr Stone Season 2”. Release Date, Cast and Get Ready to Know the New Level

Dr. Stone’s “season 2” is on its way, and viewers should not mistake it as the 25th episode of the first season. Now that it is clear that season 1 has already ended. It reported that the next chapter will deliver the newest arc of narrative that will continue Senku’s journey and his mission to save humanity by revealing the mysteries of petrification.

Brief Recall

Previously it was in “Dr. Stone’s season 1 episode 24, the villagers rejoiced after actually making the cell phone they needed to defeat their rival, Tsukasa. Senku needs to make two units and with everyone’s support, he’s working on it.

As he is constructing the mobile communication system. Senku and the villagers shocked to discover an object identified by the technology genius as a record that can play on a phonograph. They accidentally found the ledger. And was even more shocking when they heard the voice of the founder of the Ishigami family. Who also turned out to be the father of Senku, Byakuya Ishigami.'Yusuke Kobayashi' is Back In "Dr Stone Season 2". Release Date, Cast and Get Ready to Know the New Level

We heard that astronauts who survived the petrification returned to Earth, and Byakuya also believed that his son Senku would discover the village where he gathered all the Science resources he needed to restore the world and finally save it from total destruction.

What to watch for in season 2?

Toho Animation has unveiled the first trailer already for “Dr. Stone season 2, and it announced that the” Stone Wars “arc will appear in it. After Senku, wars will begin here and villagers have everything they need to combat their enemies.

They are likely to win with their tools, but there may still be new villains out there. Plus they still have to search for the petrification truth.

Fortunately, “Dr.” revealed. Stone’s “season 2” stars two Senku’s Taiju and Yuzuriha mates, who will presumably recover from petrification. And the three of them will work together to find out how things can return to normal.

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