Zombie Detective Season 2: Release Date, Cast & Official Announcements are Here!!!

Update On [Oct 2021]

After watching the first season of Zombie Detective, now most of their viewers are eagerly waiting for the next season. Netflix presents this series aired in September 2020 and within the first season, it won the heart of its viewers. This Korean comedy, fantasy-based series also get more than expectations collection, and now everyone is looking at the next season.

But when the next season will land? Or there is really a second season or the concept of the second season is just a rumor. So, in today’s article, we gonna talk about what are a reality and what may happen in the future.

Zombie Detective Season 2: Release Date,Cast and Official Announcements are Here!

Release Date of Zombie Detective Season 2

So, if we honestly speak then we have to say that there are no official announcements regarding the release date of season 2. The first season was just released the last September, and it’s very early to talk about the next season. But hopefully, we will see the next season in the first quarter of 2022.

About the Official Statements on Season 2

Basically, till now there are no official statements regarding the Zombie Detective season 2. They are not yet told about the renewal of this series but it’s expected that it will release official announcements very soon.

Last Update on [ Nov 2020 ]

Another Zombie apocalypse is in the queue. Zombie Detective Season 2 is a much-awaited series that is yet to fit the floor. Rumors are there that the series might be back for the audience in near future. Although we are yet to know the exact dates and other credentials, we still can give updates, predicting the lying information around us. So here are the details you would like to know about the second saga of the series.

The team is yet to put out information about the production of the second part. After the great success received by the first season, the audience is waiting to hear from the makers of the series. Any update, we will be notifying the audience as soon as possible. Till then, here are other things about the show.

Season 1 was aired on KBS2 this year in September. The show has been directed by Shim Jae Hyun and has been written by Baek Eun Jin. The South Korean Comedy-drama also focuses on romantic scenes.

However, for the second season, we expect the same directorial and writer would be the same. The release date has not been announced yet. The filling of the show might start in late 2021 but it is yet to be confirmed.

The Cast

Zombie Detective Season 2: Release Date,Cast and Official Announcements are Here!

The cast of the second series would include almost everyone from the first season. The names have been enlisted below.

  • Choi Jin Hyuk. Kim Moo Young.
  • Tae Hang Ho. Lee Sung Rok.
  • Park Joo Hyun. Gong Sun Ji.
  • Ahn Se Ha. Lee Tae Gyun playing the role of Sun Young’s husband
  • Lee Joong Ok. Wang Wey.
  • Hwang Bo Ra. Gong Sun-Young in the role of Sun Ji’s sister

The Plot

Kim Moo-Young, who used to be a zombie for the past two years, decided to pretend to be a human being to survive in the village. Soon after leaving for the city, he starts working for the private detectives. While he struggles to make his life possible amid the humans, he gets in touch with Kong Sun-Ji. Initially, she used to write about the current affairs of the city. Later, she quits her job because of an uncanny situation she had to face. She started working with Kim Moo-Young.

We will get to see the extension of the same plot and might be a romantic proposition between the two. Since we are yet to get the possible updates, we only have these assumptions to follow.

The Trailer

No Official Trailer for Zombie Detective Season 2 is available Right Now. Watch S1 Trailer here!

Zombie Detective is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation so those who want to watch it can check it out.

But until Zombie Detective Season 2 releases you can check out more news about Jojo Part 6.

So, till then stay tuned with Herald Journalism for getting the latest updates.

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