13 Reasons Why Season 4: Dylan Minnette aka Clay Jensen’s DEATH CONFIRMED by Showrunner, Release Date & Other Details

13 Reasons Why will be back with its fourth and winding season. The high drama series has its roots in the eponymous book by Jay Asher. It is known to be controversial and intense since the first season.

The storyline is extended from Hannah Baker’s suicide to other serious themes like bullying, sexual assault, school authorities, and even touches upon gun violence towards the end of the second season.

Protagonist Clay Jensen came across as an adorable, sensitive yet helpless guy who could not get over Hannah’s death. But he will meet the same fate.

Death been a consistent theme in 13 Reasons Why and has been explored in the light of serious issues such as harassment and mental health.  Fans are guessing the final season will repeat its pattern with Clay dying towards the end.

There is no confirmation about its location in the course of the series, but it is certain that Clay will die. Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay tweeted regarding the last season saying his ” eyes are puffy” after reading the last script.

It can be taken as a reference to the actor’s attachment to the series he’s been a part of for so long. But more likely, it points towards the characteristic teary plot of the show.

Season 3 ends with Clay and Tony (Christian Lee Navarro) disposing of a gun that Clay took from Tyler ( Devin Druid) to save him. Will Clay bear the consequences? Will his death unfold with those events? We are not certain.

Clay has felt most deeply about all that is wrong with the school and society. He is ‘helmet’  to Hannah, her safe place. Clay let go, Hannah. But it will be tragic to let him go.


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