Ajin Chapter 84: Release Date, Will the Manga release in 2021? Any chances?

A supernatural thriller, Ajin is a Japanese manga series created and written by Gamon Sakurai. This manga series is well known for its distinct and interesting storyline. Adaptation of the anime series was aired by polygon pictures in 2016. This Demi-human series is highly anticipated to release Ajin Chapter 84 soon!

Ajin Chapter 84: Release Date

Ajin Chapter 84 is releasing on the 6th of December, 2020 which is a Sunday. The wait is just for two more days and then the lovers of the series can check 0ut the latest release of Ajin manga.

Those who want to check out the film series of this anime can tune into Netflix.

Ajin Chapter 84: Release Date, Will the Manga release in 2021? Any chances?

The Plot 

Kei Nagar, a student finds out himself to be a demi-human after an incident on the road where he was able to recover his wounds. Subsequently, Kei recognizes himself to be immortal as he could regenerate his entire body. the protagonist has also inherited supernatural powers besides the ability to regenerate.

Afraid of his powers Kei tries to run away with the help of his friend. Meanwhile, the manhunt for Kei is on, but we eventually find out that Kei helps the government against another Ajin. Simultaneously Kei fights against Satou, the antagonist for the sake of humanity.

Characters of the Manga!

The characters of the show are divided into groups of Kei, the other antagonists, and the government.

  • Kei Nagai the protagonist
  • Kaito, a close friend of Kei who aids him
  • Kō Nakano, partner of Kei against Satou
  • Yū Tosaki, head of the ministry of health, labor, and welfare
  • Izumi Shimomura, Ajin working for Yu Tosaki
  • Sokabe, Yu’s junior at the Ministry

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The Trailer

For the audience and fans of this manga series below, we have linked a teaser of Ajin which you must surely check out!

The Trailer


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