Ajin Season 3: Release Date, Cast and Story line and Other Details!

Written and illustrated by Gamon Sakurai, Ajin: Demi-Human is one of the most loved supernatural animes based on Japanese manga series. It premiered on MBS, TBS, CBC, and BS-TBS  2016. It was streamed on Netflix in the same year being dubbed in English, French, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. scroll down to read about Ajin season 3

Ajin Season 3 Storyline

When a student named Kei Nagai meets with a fatal accident, he happens to discover that he is an Ajin. Ajin is referred to those selective humans who hold regenerative abilities. Unlike other humans in the world of Ajins who can recuperate from their wounds, heal their injuries, and restore their missing limbs, Ajins can turn into literal meat patties and fully regenerate. Ajin Season 3 will start from here?

All about Ajin: Demi-Human Season 3. Release Date, Cast and Story line

The Official Announcement

Season 2 ends on the scene where Kei gets the bad news that the plane carrying Sato exploded mid-air. This unconcluded ending suggested that Ajin Season 3 would come for sure and fans have been waiting since then. However, not a single announcement is made by the team for season 3. Nevertheless, we have seen in the past how the popular anime series took time to get renewed and we can hope for the same.


The Cast

Kei Nagai is the main lead who dies in a deadly accident and realizes that he has become an Ajin. Kaito is a close friend of Kei and helps him to escape from the police. Kō Nakano is an Ajin who partners with Kei to stop Satō. Satō is the main leader of the pro-Ajin movement. Yū Tosaki is the head of Ajin Research which comes under the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Izumi Shimomura works for Yū Tosaki at the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. If Ajin Season 3 comes, it may have new characters as well in addition to these main characters.

Ajin Season 3 Release Date

Seeing the humongous craze of fans, makers are seriously in plans to give a green signal to Season 3. However, they want a challenging story to justify the renewal of their most loved series. If things go well season 3 may come soon.

The Trailer

Ajin can be streamed on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Fans can watch it there anytime.

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