Akudama Drive Episode 10 Release Date, Plot & Everything You Need to Know

Akudama Drive is a Japanese based Cyberpunk Anime. It is based on criminals who are pursued by the Government. The series was delayed for release until October 2020 due to the Pandemic. Directed by Kazutaka Kodaka which is one of his best works and is also having a Manga adaptation written to it. Now fans are waiting for Akudama Drive Episode 10 which is set for December 10.

Updates on Akudama Drive Episode 10

The previous season ended with clashes between Doc, Cutthroat, and Swindler. Swindler wanted to stab Cutthroat but luckily he escaped and also had to find the Brother who is said to be in the Executioner’s office. He is the brother of the two sisters who are kept in custody with Swindler. The newest season will continue with these trails which has to ultimately lead to completing the task.

The Review

The series is based in a Dystopian Future where the state of Kansai where there are multiple skilled criminals by the name “Akudama”. There exists a threat by an anonymous client to free a prisoner before he is executed.

Four of the Akudama’s accept this challenge and head to the police quarters of Kansai. To their surprise, the challenge was a part of a larger scheme. He wanted them to steal cargo from Shinkansen from the vault of the train.

The team has an ordinary girl who is arrested on a minor charge and the rest being men who committed the same minor crimes or who have accidentally broke out of jail. Together all of them must commit to this task by also keeping in mind the trail by the police and must finish the job to earn a bigger pay.

The Characters

Anyone who is a fan of cyberpunk series can definitely tell that this is stylishly executed with a new refreshing storyline. The characters are well designed and introduced in pop art animations. With a score of 8/10 on IMDb it is surely worth the watch!

Akudama Drive is an Exciting (if Shallow) New Cyberpunk Anime

  • Courier voiced by Jonah Scott
  • Brawler by Zeno Robinson
  • Hacker by Yungi Chang
  • Doctor  by  Brittany Lauda
  • Cutthroat by Matt Shipman
  • Black Cat by Daisy Guevara

Akudama Drive Episode 10 Release date

Episode 10 is all set to release on 1oth December 2020. Do watch it on Funimation


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