Alex Trebek is LIVING HIS LAST!!! DAYS & DYING!!! from Pancreatic Cancer

The American- Canadian game show host Alex Trebek, after months of fight with pancreatic cancer, speaks out that his long journey of hosting as Jeopardy is coming to an end.

Trebek, in his recent interview, said that he feels like his quality and skills of hosting are fading as he as begun to get sores in mouth and throat after chemotherapy.

In March, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which sat back his fans in big shock; from that time, he was outspoken about his conditions, which inspired many of the other people.

He was always inspiring and motivating from the last 35 years as Jeopardy as he did 8000+ episodes, which is till record to date.

Even knowing that the survival chance of pancreatic cancer is 9 percent, he recently openly said that he isn’t frightened about his condition as he had achieved a lot in his life and lived a long life of 79 years. He already has his farewell plans, so he has nothing to regret.


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