Altered Carbon Season 3: Will Kovacs Find His Love?? There’s A New Body. Keep Reading to Know Deets

The American series Altered Carbon is a show which explains the vastness of the science and how new and huge concepts like storing memories and also life.

Altered Carbon 2 Poster
Altered Carbon 2 Poster

If you haven’t watched the Altered Carbon series then you are seriously missing out on a great sci-fi cyberpunk show.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Story So Far

The brilliant script of the series shows how a person’s memories and life can be stored in a device called “stack” and can be used later again. Though it can be done by one it is only accessible for wealthy people.

The plot of the series revolves around a soldier called Takeshi Kovacs who is the only survivor of a rebel group and is currently of 250 years. While he is leading his life a person named Lauren Bancroft makes him solve the murder mystery of his past life. The further plot and story would be understood better once you watch the show.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Plot

So in the second season, Takeshi Kovacs is in a new body. In this season Kovacs is briefly seen searching for his lost love and his rebel group leader.

Though the season is slow at the beginning it makes up for that in time by being a full commercial thrilling drama.

Altered Carbon Scene
Altered Carbon Scene

Also, the news about season 3 for this future based series is at the moment around the corners and it purely depends upon the makers and Netflix whether they’ll extend it or just drop it till here.

Altered Carbon Season 3: Cast

The main character is played by a number of actors like Joel Kinnaman, Anthony Mackie and Ray Chase due to the plot of the series which allows the “stacks” to transfer in new bodies.

  • James Purefoy as Lauren Bancroft
  • Martha Higareda as Kristin Ortega
  • Rene√© Elise Goldsberry as Quellcrist Falconer
  • Torben Liebrecht as Jaeger/ Ivan Carrera
Altered Carbon Poster | Source: Netflix
Altered Carbon Poster | Source: Netflix

Altered Carbon Season 3: Release Date

The first season released on Netflix on 2nd February 2018 and season 2 released on 27th February 2020.

The Altered Carbon is also released as a feature film released on March 19, 2020.

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