Fruits Basket Season 2: What are the Dark Secrets of AKITO ??? Read more to Know Plot & Release Schedule

Are you running out of suggestions of T.V. series to watch during this lockdown period? Do not worry, we have your back.

If anime shows of genres like supernatural, comedy and romance are like your cups of tea, Fruits Basket is the show for you. Fruits Basket is the rebooted version of a 2001 anime show of the same name. The first season of this show premiered during April 2019 and had 25 episodes.

Fruits Basket: - Scene
Fruits Basket: – Scene

Fruit Basket Season 2: Series Recap

The plot of Fruits Basket revolves around a young girl with a tragic life, Tohru Honda. After her mother dies, she starts living with her maternal family but things get real ugly there so she decides to support herself and live in a tent. But soon enough she moves to a place where her other classmate Yuki Sohma lives. The Sohmas have a secret. Her family members turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac, when they are weak, in stress or hug someone of the opposite gender. On her journey to free the Sohmas from their curse, she discovers the Sohma’s vengeful zodiac spirits. Will she be successful in freeing them from the curse?

Fruits Basket: - Scene
Fruits Basket: – Scene

Fruit Basket Season 2: Plot

Fans can expect to see more of Rin, the Horse, who was introduced only during the last episode of Fruits Basket Season 1. We will see more of the missing zodiac animal, Kureno the Rooster. Some other new characters will be introduced as well. The intense and dark secrets of Akito will come to light. Fans can expect a more intense and darker season, this time.

Fruit Basket Season 2: Release

Good news fans!!!

Fruits Basket season 2 will be releasing on the 7th of April, 2020. Check out the latest teaser of it.

Fruit Basket Season 2: Where to Watch?

Fruits basket has an IMDb rating of 8.3/10 and is available on  Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation. Season 2 will air on Japanese TV and Crunchyroll.


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