“Angelina Jolie” Is Up To Something Grave To Bring “Brad Pitt” Back In Her Life!!!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship has been a doldrums phase for most of the time and for both of them. This time it seems like ‘The Maleficent’ actress taking the effects on her.

Getting Back Brad Pitt?

‘Globe,’ a tabloid, came up with a source claiming that Jolie is in bad shape not only mentally but physically too. She’s regularly thinning, and the reason the source claiming behind it is the wish to take revenge from Pitt.

The source is quoted in the tabloid as “She knows that even though they’ve long since separated, he always hated it when she didn’t eat. He always encouraged her to take better care of herself. So, she figures the last thing she’ll do now is follow any one of the advice he used to preach.”

“Angelina Jolie” Is Up To Something Grave To Bring “Brad Pitt” Back In Her Life!!!
BERLIN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 13: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the Cinema for Peace Gala ceremony at the Konzerthaus Am Gendarmenmarkt during day five of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival on February 13, 2012, in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Cinema for Peace)

Shrinking To A Bag Of Bones!!

The source suggested that the unfortunate decision for Jolie related to her children’s custody by the court has also served to stress that is said to be at its peak. On top of it, her finances are making it worse.

All this stress is reportedly making her skip meals. Her meal nowadays only includes a few fruit or salad bites while sometimes it’s just a cup of coffee.

The insider stated that she’s doing many more things at once: “he’s working long hours lining up movie deals and charity initiatives as well as penning essays about humanitarianism and helping with the kids’ schooling. Angie has never been so busy, but sadly her health has been neglected as a result.”

“Angelina Jolie” Is Up To Something Grave To Bring “Brad Pitt” Back In Her Life!!!

Hospitalization Rumors!

This losing wait up to a grave level is not new to any of us and had made their appearance now and then. Two years ago, it was reported by ‘Star’ that the actress is hospitalized due to extreme weight loss. The tabloid then claimed the reason for all this to be the divorce process of Jolie with Pitt.

Gossip Cop, another tabloid, though reported that Jolie’s representative had denied such allegation, and the hospitalization is not at all because of weight loss.

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