Apple Watch Series 6 & Latest Updates You Need To Know About It

Apple Inc., a leading multinational American Company that releases electronics into the market since its establishment in California in April 1976 founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, had dispatched its first watch in April 2015. Each consecutive year, as the iPhone upgraded its technicalities, the Apple Watch series did too and the upcoming is Apple Watch Series 6.

The Newest Version

The latest technology is taking over the attributes that phones offer in a jiffy. The Apple Watch Series encompasses all that could be imagined. Or maybe, beyond what could be imagined.

The company’s ‘Think Different’ tagline certainly does promise miraculous innovations.

Apple Watch Series 6 Release Date

As of now, there are six wristwatches in the Apple Watch series. The latest one being Apple Watch Series 6 & Latest Updates that was released on 18th September 2020. The slogan for the sixth inline version is, ‘Future of health is on your wrist,’ suggesting the advancement procured.

Well, Why Does Future Relies On Wrist?

What makes the latest Apple Watch Series 6 popular and so demanded? How does it differ from its five predecessors and their variants? Let’s jump into the roots then!

Versions and Reviews Garnered

Presently, Apple Watch Series 6 has two versions. The bifurcation has been based on the avouching features. One variant of Watch 6 consists of the signature W3 chip of Apple and GPS. While another model comprises the wireless chip and also GPS with Cellular (GPS+CELLULAR). It has an LTE chip already embedded.

The customization has also seen a system elevation of a new S6 chip, SiP, adapted from the Apple A13 utilized in iPhone 11. The S6 Chip used is up to 20% optimally faster and quicker than the former ones.

Reviews of gaming enthusiasts mostly stay positive yet with a note that probably Apple has ‘run out’ of ideas to ‘satisfy’. The reason being when the Apple Watch Series had released till the fourth model, appraisals had poured. Improvements had been lauded and received well. But on the release of Apple Watch Series 5, hardcore fans had been disheartened at the minimal things to ponder. Also, the issue of charging in Apple Watch 5 had been tremendously experienced.

But it seems that Apple Watch 6 has sparked the craze again!

Faucets To Fall For! 

The traits of the Apple Watch Series 6 are indeed unbeatable. The new incorporated attributes turn heads over heels of tech geeks.

Structure and Design

Series 6 has been designed similar physical manifestation of Series 5 and 4 in the Apple Watch Series. The casing colour of models of the waterproof watch includes an aluminium blue, a grey stainless steel finish and a shimmering red.

Watch Faces of Apple Watch Series 6

The watch now has various watch faces. The GMT face portrays the time of different zones and the Count-up face helps to track elapsed time.  The Chronograph face gives way to a Tachymeter that lets the user know the speed according to the time travelled. The Typograph face showcases the numerical of the watch. They are available in three types of styles and four various scripts. The users can also avail a Striped face version.

Art-type faces are also accessible. These are like animation faces, Animojis, with time read on them. The list doesn’t end here, Memojis are incorporated too along with the animated faces that react to touch.

The watch faces also can be changed according to the whims of the user.

Wrist Bands of Apple Watch Series 6

Another design introduced is the saying bye to traditional bands that would be permanent for a wristwatch and can be worn only by a certain type of wrist. Apple has put a variety of wrist bands on the desk to entice the fanatics further. The silicon made bands are stretchable, called a solo loop and a braided solo, and can be utilised by any wrist size. The bands come in a range of captivating colours.

Leather bands are also up for the show in several kinds. Sports lovers can opt for Apple Nike customised bands coming in different colours.

The Forever Screen

The Apple Watch Series 6 also has an always-on display screen. It means that the screen would no longer go blank and black when it is not being used. The screen would always be visible. In crackling sunlight where a normal smartphone screen reflects giving poor visibility, Apple Watch Series 6 takes down on this issue as well. The brightness has been boosted to 2.5 times that makes the visibility crystal clear.

Health On Wrist

Health sensors like ECG had been added in the lineup of the previous models indeed but this time a new guest knocks on the door. Now, blood oxygen level can be measured within 15 secs. The science of the technology used to detect is that infrared and red lights shall flash as the bearer wears the watch on the wrist. The light contemplates the colour of the blood by the amount of light that reflects on the watch and calculates the blood oxygen level.

The awareness regarding blood oxygen saturation level has roared high since the advent of the pandemic. Prior updates of heart rate check and other breathing checklist paired with the new health feature make it possible for buyers to be acknowledged of any approaching health-related risk.

Fitbit Sense Or Apple Watch Series 6?

While arguments raise that such technology already exists in Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch Series 6 proves to be the bettering one as overall Apple Watch 6 is a two in one combo. It is a fitness tracker with accurate HR measurements and also a smartwatch. Fitbit Sense, therefore, loses here.

In addition, Apple Watch Series 6 can track the health stats even when the person is fast asleep. They are recorded and stored, ready to be accessed anytime.

To delve deeper into the features of the Apple Watch Series 6, check out the video!

Enjoy this coolest gizmo and look for the future of your health on your wrist!

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