Astronomers Confirms, Asteroid Big as Mt EVEREST!!! PASSING EARTH this week

As the threat of Coronavirus pandemic has spread all over the globe, there was some other news that was more threatening to the world was news of a big asteroid hitting the earth, which was in trend from last month. The name of the asteroid is as 1998 OR2. The rumors of an asteroid hitting earth were so much that NASA and other astronomers confirmed that the asteroid would not be hitting the earth, it will be passing far away from the earth on 29th April 2020.

Astronomers and astronomy fans were so much excited for gazing the huge asteroid passing nearby to the earth, and that too happened on 29th April 2020, which stuck their eyes to the live streaming of solar system. It began to approach by 6 AM ET. The rumors of hitting totally vanished as it was too far away; the distance between earth and asteroid was about 16 times the distance between earth and moon, i.e., approximately 6.3 million KM.

The orbit period of the asteroid around the sun is 3 years and 8 months, which is so likely that it approaches earth every 4 years. Talking about its width and structure, the asteroid was about 2 kilometers wide with the speed of 30,578 kilometers (19000 miles) per hour which was enough to cause huge damage and human or even biodiversity loss and the structure was too much likely to the conditions of the earth as it was looking like big rock wearing a mask which is quite funny after being noticed.

Talking about its threats over the earth there was no such impact on the earth by its fly-by; even it will not be causing any sort of damage till the next 200 years, its next closest approach will be in 2079, which will be quite far, i.e., six times the lunar distance.

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