Baki Season 4 : Release Date, Plot and More Updates! Is It Confirmed Yet?

Baki Season 4 is making its way to Netflix sooner than we think! The previous season covered the “Great Chinese Challenge” and premiered on Netflix on 4 June 2020 with 13 episodes. Today’s article has been curated to jot down everything we know about the upcoming installment of the series based on the manga series created by Keisuke Itagaki.

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Baki Season 4 Announcement & Release Date

Animes are often distributed differently in the international market when compared to their original Japanese release. Technically, the season soon to be released in 2021 is the third season of the series. The first one was a long stretch with a total of 26 episodes, so it was divided into two parts with equal episodes.

However, that division makes the halves seem like two separate seasons which is why a lot of sources deem the upcoming season to be the fourth installment.  The title of the new season has also been revealed to be “Baki: Son of Ogre“.

Baki Season 4 : Release Date, Plot and More Updates! Is It Confirmed Yet?

The Storyline

The upcoming season will be based on the Grappler Baki manga series created by Keisuke Itagaki. As a result, it will revolve around Baki Hanma wanting to confront his father. However, before that, his desire to become stronger chooses an unusual path of wanting to be sent to prison. To achieve this, he abducts the President and on being arrested for the same, pleas the authorities to be incarcerated in the same prison as  “Mr. Unchained” Biscuit Oliver, the strongest person in the USA. He will then attempt to catch the attention of Oliver’s eye. To find out what happens next, we have to await the 2021 release.

The Characters

Here’s the list of the characters running Baki Season 4 :

Baki Season 4 : Release Date, Plot and More Updates! Is It Confirmed Yet?

  • Baki Hanma voiced by  Masami Kikuchi
  • Yujiro Hanma voiced by Kenji Nomura
  • Doppo Orochi voiced by Mugihito
  • Kyosumi Katou voiced by Takehiro Murozono
  • Atsushi Suedou voiced by Yosikazu Nagano
  • Mitsunari Tokugawa voiced by Naomi Kusumi
  • Izo Motobe voiced by Masayuki Omoro
  • Koushou Shinogi voiced by Kazuhiro Tanaka
  • Kureha Shinogi voiced by Yukie Maeda
  • Gerry Strydum voiced by Hidetoshi Nakamura
  • Kaoru Hanayama voiced by Masayuki Nakata
  • Goki Shibukawa voiced by Hiroshi Naka
  • Retsu Kaioh voiced by Kunihiko Yasui
  • Jack Hanma voiced by Koichi Sakaguchi
  • Kozue Matsumoto voiced by Sachiko Kojima

The Trailer

You can watch the episodes of the previous seasons on Netflix.

Check out the trailer of Baki Season 4 below:

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