Barbarians Season 2 Release Date, Plot Synopsis & More Updates

Historical shows like The Tudors and Vikings have already taken us by surprise. Netflix has now added another show to that list. Barbarians or Barbaren is the latest German Original series released by the platform. It has impressed the international masses to such an extent that within a few days after the release itself, we are all asking for Barbarians Season 2. History is a never-ending subject matter, so we can definitely hope for a sequel to the show soon.

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Barbarians Season 2 Release Date Announcement

Netflix released the first season of the min-series on its platform for streaming earlier this week on 23 October 2020. All 6 episodes are out on the platform. As far as Season 2 is concerned, nothing of the sort has been officially announced yet. The initial season has laid the scene for the Battle of Teutoburg Forest and the repercussions so felt after that.


This makes way for further advancement and Season 2 should tackle the consequences of the aforementioned battle. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear more from the official sources regarding the renewal of the show. Hopefully, 2021 will bring forth good news for the fans of the show.

Barbarians Storyline

The show narrates the tale of how European history was overturned forever. Set in the year 9 AD, Barbarians tells the story based on true events about how the Germanic tribes led an uprising against the Roman Empire in the famous Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

Barbarians Season 2 Characters

The bloodstained path of this historical endeavor has already been laid down by the characters we met in the first season. We can hope to see the old cast members reprise their respective roles in the second season.

  •  Arminius played by Laurence Rupp
  • Thusnelda played by Jeanne Goursaud
  • Folkwin Wolfspeer played by David Schutter
  • Segestes played by Bernhard Schutz
  • Varus played by Gaetano Aronica
  • Ansgar played by Jeremy Miliker
  • Berulf Buddy Y played by Bence Ferenczi
  • Berulf Buddy played by Tibor Milos Krisko
  • Irmina played by Eve Verena Muller
  • Pelagios played by Nikolai Kinski

Barbarians Trailer

The production for Season 2 hasn’t begun yet so we don’t have a trailer either. Check out the trailer of Season 1 below:

Barbarians Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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