Berlin Babylon Season 3 Releasing Tomorrow, Release Date, Plot & More

Berlin Babylon Season 3, Here’s a Wrap-Up on Last 2 Seasons

The much-awaited season 3 of a much-loved show has finally premiered. Babylon Berlin is back with season 3! Yaaaiiieeee!!!!!!

The show will go on air on January 24th, on Sky’s streaming service.

The story

Season 3 follows police Inspector Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) and flapper clerk Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries)  as they investigate the murder of an actress on a film set. Meanwhile, Germany’s covert rearmament gathers pace as both the Black Reichswehr and Communists conspire to bring down democracy. None of which halts Berlin’s extraordinary nightlife.

However, the series diverges from its source as co writer-show runners Tim Tykwer, Achim von Borries, and Henk Handloegten have decided to slow down the pace of historical events using the crime-driven plot. They have decided to explore the social and political unrest of that time, which is otherwise overlooked due to the dramatic plot of what comes after.


At a recent press conference, Henk said, “Every time has its echo in the past,” Hence he said that this show wouldn’t have been the hit that it is in the ’80s.

He added, “We were looking forward, the iron curtain comes down, it seemed to start a century of prosperity, freedom, and peace between nations. As we know, that didn’t happen.”

Nor did history turn out as Germans expected, at least in 1929. In Season 3 Ep. 1, Charlotte and her sister rehearse dreams for the future, Charlotte still intent on becoming Germany’s first female homicide detective. Audiences will watch with a glimmer of hope for her, but also with a sense of disquieted premonition.


Through April, “Babylon Berlin” had punched the best ratings ever for a non-English rating series on Sky.”

We don’t have a date yet as to when Babylon Berlin season 3 will be on Netflix. We will confirm a date as soon as we get confirmation.

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