Berserk Chapter 363: Release Date, Review, Insights and More into it!

Berserk is a Japanese-based Manga by Kentaro Miura run originally aired in 1990. It is about a young orphan warrior boy who seeks out revenge. There are about 40 volumes published to date and have gained positive critic amongst the audiences. Berserk Chapter 363 coming soon?

The Overview of Berserk Chapter 363

The story follows Guts a wandering mercenary who was taken away by a group called Band of the Hawk. In course of time, he fought against the leader and sacrificed his followers to continue his dream to rule a kingdom of his own. The present kingdom was ruled by Griffith who occupied his rule with his team called “Band of the Hawks”. Berserk Chapter 363 will be continuing on this?

Berserk Chapter 363: Release Date, Review, Insights and More into it!

Guts are known as a “Black Swordsman” who is out for revenge after facing his distressing childhood and also plotting to defeat Griffith and his evil ways, he also finally finds someone who cares and loves him for the way he is and also builds his desire to accomplish his dreams. In course of time, his fate encounters demonic entities of which is puts his sword to the test in defeating these monsters and help his loved one and humanity. Berserk Chapter 363 coming soon?

The Characters

The show by far has received a lot of mixed responses but mostly positive ones. It has a striking storyline with a good amount of limited characters to follow up with the audience. With a rating of 8.5 in by Animelist, the show definitely is worth the watch!

Berserk Chapter 363: Release Date, Review, Insights and More into it!

  • Griffith voiced by Steve Cannon
  • Casca by  B. J. Ward
  • Judeau by Kyle McCarley
  •  Corkus by  Doug Erholtz

Release Date of Berserk Chapter 363

The previous season ended with Guts leaving the Blacksmith with a new sword and also Griffith escaping. Chapter 363 is all set to be aired in 2021 but the dates and the spoilers are not specific as of now. Being one of the most successful manga of the time the audience is eagerly waiting for more!

Berserk is available on Prime and Funimation, do check it out!

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