Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle Episode 12: Release Date!

The Japanese anime, Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle has gained huge appreciation from the audience. The Japanese were an adaptation by Doga Koba released in October 2020. After the premiere of 11 successive episodes, the anime television series is moving towards its end. Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle Episode 12 coming soon?

Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle Episode 12: Release Date

The upcoming episode is scheduled to release on December 22, Tuesday this year. This anime television series comes up with new episodes every week every Tuesday. The series is directed by Mitsue Yamazaki and is written by Yoshiko Nakamura. Episode 12 of this manga adaptation will be the final episode of the season.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon's Castle Episode 12: Release Date!

Recap of Episode 11!

The last episode of Sleeping Princess in Demon’s castle showed a series of events in the characters of Demon King and the Princess. Dawner and the other hero realize that the Demo is misguiding them. It was seen that the king vanished off from Dawner fooling him. After returning to the castle he goes to sleep in his pajamas when the princess enters the screen and asks for a pajama party. Eventually, no party happened. But the misunderstanding of the princess and Demon King falling in love made Cleric punish the Demo as it wasn’t permitted for a Demo to have a romantic relationship with a human. Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle Episode 12 will continue on this?

Meanwhile, Succubus a demon develops jealousy against Slayis who gets attention from the entire castle. Moreover, she also falls into a trap when a demon misunderstands to be Slayis. Succubus finally confronts her fondness of being popular like Slayis to which she (Slayis) teaches her to be like her so that she could get enough sleep.

Where to Watch Sleepy Princess in the Demon’s Castle Episode 12?

For all the anime lovers you can check out this television series on AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. The new episode will be available to watch on all the mentioned platforms.


The Preview

There is so much to see in the next episode which is highly awaited by the fans. Here is the preview of the 12th episode.

Until we come back with more updates on this series, you can check JoJo part 6 & more.

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