Better Things Season 4 renewed. Season 3 got 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes: Release Date, Cast & More Updates

‘Better things’ is the comedy epic, diegesis of a single mother struggling, making her way ahead to raise her three daughters. The story runs in Los Angeles. It premieres on FX Television.

Pamela Aldon (who plays the lead role) and comedian Louis CK have written and created the show. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best comedy shows on FX. The show has been renewed for Season 4 now. Pamela is the writer, producer, and showrunner of the show.

Better Things Season 4 Diegesis

The show is the life story of Sam Fox, who earns bread by acting, for raising her three daughters. She is also a caretaker of her mom, who lives on the opposite street, has been an English faculty in the past, and fighting with her physical and mental issues. Her three daughters are, namely Max, Olivia, and Frankie. Frankie is the eldest of all but is an angry young woman.

Life hasn’t been easy on Sam. She goes through all the obstacles and struggles to make her way ahead in life. She still spreads love, honesty, and humor to make her daughters ready to step in the real-world."<yoastmark

Better Things Season 4 Announcement 

FX Productions chairman recently announced the renewal of Season4. The show has gained more popularity and love of the public with each successive season.

Chairman John Landgraf said to DEADLINE, “With every season, ‘Better Things’ becomes more vital, engaging and revelatory, cementing Pamela Adlon’s status as one of the most accomplished creative forces in television today. Rarely has there been a show that is so personal and, at the same time, so thoroughly universal in the way it explores modern parenting, family and life. We are thrilled to extend the series for a fourth season and to continue this incredible partnership with Pamela, her creative team, and the amazing cast of ‘Better Things”.

Better Things Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 started in Feb 2019 and ended in May 2019. The third season scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 94 on Metacritic.

Season 4 will start airing from March 5, 2020. It will come in a successive list of 10 episodes, 1 episode every week on FX.

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