[Update] New Batman Game: Cryptic Image Of The New Batman Game… Will it be Arkham Sequel, Release Date & More Update you should know

Five years have passed since Batman’s release:

Arkham Knight, and it’s safe to say fans are ready for a new Batman: Arkham video game.

WB Games Montreal posted one piece of the image on their Facebook page, another on their Twitter, and the third on their Instagram page.

Arkham Videos has put together the images to show what the whole picture looks like. It seems to be some kind of police badge. Decorated with an eagle, swords, and a crown.

This gives the theory credence that the images are related to a new Batman game.

For the uninitiated, the Court of Owls known to have deep-rooted links in Gotham. They’re essentially the Illuminati’s city variant, pulling strings from behind the scenes.

The Court of Owls:

The Court of Owls may use the Gotham City Police Department to try to capture Batman. Though at this time, that’s just speculation.

Sadly, at this time, there is no additional information available on the interpretation of the picture.

Nevertheless, now that WB Games Montreal seems to be constantly promoting the new social media Batman title, it must be believed that an official announcement is now just a matter of time.

But with no major video game events happening in the near future. It is unclear exactly when the new Batman game will be revealed.

The new Batman game:

The new Batman game may reveal alongside one of the consoles of the next generation. Despite Batman’s success, attempting to get a Batman title to show up alongside the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively, would make sense for Sony and Microsoft, as doing so would draw even more interest than usual.

Batman video game franchises:

Alternatively, you can simply announce the new Batman game with a trailer. And not save it for any big gaming event. Hopefully, the answers come sooner rather than later. So that fans can stop speculating about the Batman video game franchise’s future.

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