“Better Things Season 4” Returns to the FX network, Release Date, Plot and Here is Everything we know so far!

Will things get better for Sam or take a turn for the worse?

Fx network’s dark comedy semi-biographical drama Better things will return for a fourth season. The first season of the series came out in 2016. It was well-received by critics and fans. The show continued for two seasons, and now the fourth season is coming.

What is ‘Better Things Season 4’ about?

The show focuses on the struggle of a working, single woman in Hollywood. It is based partially on the life of producer and lead Actress Pamela Aldon. The show focusses on the life of Sam Fox, played by Pamela Aldon, who is a divorcee and single mother of three daughters. The story shows various challenges faced by Sam as she tries to balance her acting job in Hollywood with being a mother. The show struck a chord with the viewers, as they found it relatable. The show was also liked because it taught viewers a thing or two about modern parenting.

"Better Things Season 4" returns to the FX network, Release Date, Plot and Here is Everything we know so far!

Better Things Season 4 Cast

All three daughters of Sam have different personalities, which makes her job very difficult. Her eldest daughter Max Fox played by Mikey Madison, is volatile yet decent at the same time. Second daughter Frankie Fox portrayed By Hannah Alligood, is radically opposite of her elder sister. Youngest sister Duke Fox played by Olivia Edward is a happy, adorable, and sweet child. Celia Imrie is also part of the cast and play’s Sam’s mother.

What do Trailer and Plot indicate?

Trailer for the fourth season has been revealed, and Sam’s daughters are creating their mother’s dating profile. This indicates that in the new season, we may see Sam going on dates to find love and a father for her daughters.

When will it air?

The fourth season will air on 5th March 2020 on the Fx network. The show is created by Pamela Aldon and Louis CK. Pamela Aldon also serves as executive producer and showrunner.

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