Black Butler Season 4: Release Date, Is it Cancelled or Confirmed?

Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji is a must-watch for the enthusiasts of Victorian and Gothic aesthetic who’re looking for a starting point in the world of anime series. 2020 is almost at its close and we’re still waiting for Black Butler Season 4. The last we heard anything about the series was in 2017 with the cinematic release of “Book of the Atlantic”.

About Black Butler Season 4

The anime is based on the the manga series that goes by the same name written by Yana Toboso. The 3 seasons of the show are followed by 2 special OVA that develop the arc of “Phantomhive Manor Murders”. The series began its course of entertainment on 3 October  2008 with the first season and features music by artists like the  Japanese rock band Sid,The Gazette, AKIRA, Kalafina and Rebecca Hollcraft.

Read on to find out more about the fourth season of Black Butler.

Black Butler Season 4: Confirmed or Cancelled? Updates on the fourth season

The Official Announcement

The future of this series stands uncertain at the present moment. There is still a lot of content that remains to be adapted as part of the animated series. However, there is still no confirmation whether we’ll be getting Black Butler Season 4 or not. We might have to wait till 2021 to hear more about the anime.

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Black Butler Season 4 Release Date

Many rumors came up in 2014 claiming that we might get Season 4 in 2015, however, it didn’t happen. Instead of the fourth season, the creators released an  animated film titled “Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic” in 2017. Other than that there is still no information about the fourth season. We will update you as soon as possible if something pops up.

The Storyline

This dark fantasy explores the life of a 13-year-old boy Ciel Phantomhive who barters his soul to Sebastian Michaelis (a demon in the visage of his butler) as payment for helping him avenge his family’s murder. Thereafter, Ciel inherits his father’s former position of the Queen’s watchdog and engages in investigating all the cases that are a threat to England. A direct reference to the Faustian symbol is also made, thereby further proving the influence of the literary classic “Doctor Faustus”.

The previous seasons of Black Butler are streaming on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime and Funimation.

The Trailer

There is no trailer for the fourth season yet. Watch the trailer for the 2017 release of “Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic” below.

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