Black Clover Episode 152: Release Date, Plot, Trailer and More Fan Theories on it!

Black Clover is a Japanese Adventure Fantasy Anime, directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. The show has 3 seasons, with the third one still going on. The first season ran from October 3 2017 to September 25, 2018. Subsequently, the second season went from October 2 2018 to September 24, 2019.  The Follow-up Season premiered its first episode on October 1, 2019. The Third Season has aired 151 episodes in total. Today, we are going to discuss the Black Clover Episode 152.

Black Clover Episode 152 Storyline

The anime follows Asta, an orphan who is not able to manifest Mana.  On the other hand, his friend and comrade Yuno is a child prodigy, who can control the wind.  Both friends compete to become the next Wizard King. In their friendly competition, Yuno finds a four-leaf grimoire, while Asta gets five leafed one, which contains an elf sword and anti-magic. After that, they both join the Magic Knight Squad.


In the previous episode, we see a match being contested, which is hosted by Julius. The contest pitches the captains against each other. In Team 1, we have Yami, Nazel, Kaiser, and Jack the Ripper and in the second team, we have William, Charlotte, Fegeleon, and Dorothy. For some reason, the captain of Aqua Deer and Rill Boismortier won’t participate. The teams have to destroy the crystal of the other team while trying to protect them at the same time. When the dust clears, it was the second team who were standing. This battle creates tension among the members, as the first team started blaming each other, while the second team has been affected by jealousy.

The Cast

Black Clover Episode 152: Release Date, Plot, Trailer and More Fan Theories on it!

The cast of Black Clover Episode 152 includes Shun Horie as Asta, Soma Saito as Yuno Grinberryall, Kana Yuki as Noelle Silva, Syu Hikari as Lumiere Silvamillion Clover, Neil Comendador as Julius Novachrono, Jun Miyamoto as Augustus Kira Clover XIII, Hiroshi Tsuchida as Damnatio Kira, Eiichiro Tokumoto as Owen,  Junichi Suwabe as Yami Sukehiro, Jun Fukuyama as Final Roulacase, Genki Muro as Magna Swing, Ayumu Murase as Luck Volta, Satoshi Hino as Gauche Adlai, Kiyono Yasuno as Charmy Pappitson, Nana Mizuki as Vanessa Enoteca and many others.

Black Clover Episode 152 Release Date

Each new episode of Black Clover gets released on Tuesday. So the next episode will be released on 17th November 2020 at 6:25 PM JST. Remember to change the timing to your local timezone.

The Trailer

Black Clover is available on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Netflix for some regions. So those of you who haven’t watched the show can go and watch it over there.

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