Black Panther 2: Chadwick Boseman is LEAVING ‘Marvel Studios’!, Release Date, Cast & More News

Black Panther

“Black Panther” is a superhero Hollywood film initially out in 2018 based on Marvel Comics’ character on the same name directed by ‘Ryan Coogler’ and produced by ‘Kevin Feige.’ It is one of the best films of Marvel studios and was among the top ten films in 2018.  Black Panther is the first film of Marvel Studios leading with the Blacks. The film is well-known for its screenplay, direction, design, and acting.


  • ‘Chandwick Boseman’ as ‘ T’Challa /Black Panther,’ the king of the African nation, Wakanda.
  • ‘Michael B. Jordan’ as ‘N Jadaka’ / ‘Killmonger’.
  • ‘Winston Duke’ as ‘ M’Baku. ‘

Box Office and response

Black Panther 2: Chadwick Boseman is LEAVING 'Marvel Studios'!, Release Date, Cast & More News

“Black Panther” became one of the best films of Marvel studios and succeeded in reaching the expectations of the audience. It has become the highest grossed film by a black director, and the second-highest grossed film in 2018. The film also sold pre-tickets in more numbers compared to other films. The film received positive criticism and made the spectators wait for its sequel.

Black Panther sequel

The launch of the sequel is officially announced to be on May 6th, 2022. After the release of Black Panther, the producer ‘Feige’ stated that there are a lot more stories to tell about the character and confirmed the sequel. He wanted ‘Coogler’back with his story and direction.

It is said the patron of the film will be replaced by the female version taking the lead as Shuri by ‘Letitia Wright’ and the star seem to be upset with the decision of the Marvel studios even after the massive record at the box office. The film is all about the inheritance of the kingdom after the death of T’Chala’s father, T’Chaka.

Feige confirmed that the film is ready with the script and is under development. Fans claim that this is not the right time for Boseman to be out of the story at this point.


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