Can You Hear Me Season 2 Release Date, Plot Synopsis & Everything we know so far

Netflix has become a great platform to watch content from all around the world. The online streaming site has endured a lot to make a multitude of shows ranging from animes, K-dramas, and others, available to us. Can You Hear Me? or M’entends-tu? is a French TV series that has garnered much interest in the past few months. The website is soon releasing the dramedy Can You Hear Me Season 2 and we are overjoyed after hearing this news.

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Can You Hear Me Season 2 Release Date & Announcement

The first season of the show was originally released on Tele-Quebec on 15 December 2018. Its sequel followed suit on 13 January 2020 for a course of 10 episodes.

The second season with its 10 episodes is finally being released on Netflix next month. The international audience can watch the show on November 1 or November 2, taking the different time zones into count. The show has further been renewed for a third season which will also be the final season that will conclude the series for once and for all. It will premiere during Spring 2021.Can You Hear Me Season 2 Release Date, Plot Synopsis & Everything we know so far

Can You Hear Me Storyline

Three best friends Ada, Carolanne, and Fabiola living in a low-income neighborhood find unique ways to stay happy and deal with their reality. They tackle issues faced within their familial setups and their problematic boyfriends by sticking together through thick and thin.

Can You Hear Me Characters

  • Fabiola played by Melissa Bedard
  • Carolanne played by Eve Landry
  • Ada played by Florence Longpre
  • Nassim played by Mehdi Bousaidan
  • Amelie played by Sophie Desmarais
  • Bianca played by Isabelle Brouillette
  • Keven played by Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles
  • Torino played by Marie-Aimee Cadet
  • Bebe played by Aliyah Elisme
  • Frank played by Mani Soleymanlou
  • Henri played by Floyd Lapierre-Poupart
  • Tessa played by Fabiola Nyrva Aladin
  • Leon played by Marc St-Martin

Can You Hear Me Trailer

Check out the trailer of the second season of Can You Hear Me below:

Season 1 of Can You Hear Me is streaming on Netflix.

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