Cara Delevingne Stepping in!! for her EX-GIRLFRIEND Ashley Benson amid dating rumors with G-Easy

The profoundly known model-singer, Cara Delevingne, is in controversy yet again. She dated the Spring Breakers actress Ashley Benson for two years. Then the dynamic duo decided to go on their separate ways in April. But that is not what the buzz is all about.

As per the reports, Ashley was recently seen with Still Be Friends rapper, G-Easy in a car in LA, California just after weeks of her break-up. But the fans of Delevingne went wild when a video of G-Easy and Ashley allegedly kissing surfaced. They started shaming Ashley and sending a lot of hate her way.

Did Delevingne stepped in?

Our supermodel stepped in and shielded her ex-girlfriend from the bashing. In an Instagram post she wrote, “It’s more important now than ever to spread, not hate. Asking the haters to stop she said “You don’t know the truth, only her and I do and that’s exactly how it should be”.

Ashley too admired her action and re-posted the message to her story.

However, Cara deleted all the pictures of Benson from her social media account.

Are Ashley Benson and G-Easy a thing?

Seventeen Magazine

The duo was seen in LA shopping for groceries. Although, it’s uncertain as they were wearing masks because of the global pandemic. But the fans claim that it is them. The two have been exchanging likes and comments on each other’s social accounts too. Other than that, the rapper recently uploaded a cover song called creep by Radiohead; it featured Benson.

What is Ashley Benson’s take on the rumors?

Benson has not made anything public yet. But she did like a fan-post supporting the rumors to be hoax. This might be a subtle explanation on her part. It also adds up why Cara was so vocal about supporting her ex-girlfriend.

We’ll keep notifying you further occurrences in this story. So stay with us.


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