Chicago Typewriter Season 2: Release Date, Official Announcements and Fan Theories for You!

Chicago typewriter is a South Korean TV series, which was aired in 2017. The Netflix series had a total of sixteen episodes and was a popular hit among the viewers. Now Chicago Typewriter Season 2 is being anxiously awaited by the fans.

Chicago Typewriter Season 2: Release Date

There are no plans by Netflix for a second season of the series until now. So we have to wait for more for the good news.

Chicago Typewriter Season 2: Release Date, Official Announcements and Fan Theories for You!

The Cast

Yoo Ah-in as Han Se-Joo, Choi Min-young as young Han Se-Joo, I’m Soo-Jung as Jeon Soul, Choi Myung-bin as young Jeon Seol, Jo Min-ah as young Ryu Soo-Hyun, Go Kyung -Pyo as Yoo Jin-oh, Kwak Si-vang as Baek Tae-min, Son Sang Yeon as young Baek Tae -min and many more. Park Ji-Hoon, who played the role of Jeon Doo-yeob, died of stomach cancer recently. We can expect the same cast to return if a season 2 happens.

The Storyline

The story of the series revolves around a very famous writer  Han Se Joo, his hard-core fan Jeon Seol, and Yoo Jin Oh, a mysterious ghost writer who is ready to help Han Se Joo. Han Se Joo is experiencing writer’s block and Yoo Jin Helps him in coming out from that. The twist of the story comes, when the three of them realize that, they were interrelated far before in the 1930s. The three of them were resistance fighters in the 1930s and now they have come back together again to help each other. Season 2 may see more interesting stories about the trio.

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The Trailer

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