[CONFIRMED] “Log Horizon Season 3” is Coming in October 2020!!! Here’s the Twist and Turn You Need to Know!!! Release Date, Cast and Latest Updates

Log Horizon is an anime series, which is a remake from the Light novel series of Mamare Touno’s Log Horizon.

Mamare Touno wrote log Horizon, and Kazuhiro Hara did the illustrations. Shōsetsuka ni Narō is an online website that helped the publication of Log Horizon in 2011.  

The story revolves around a game where most of the Japanese population logged on. The game, due to some misinterpretation, summoned its users who were playing. The users or the players got to see themselves in the virtual gaming world.

The protagonist, Shiroe of Log Horizon, decides to team up with his friends and start on the journey of an avatar in the virtual world.

Till now, Log Horizon came up with two seasons back to back, achieving great views and success. The Log Horizon Team is working hard on the next season to be up very soon.[CONFIRMED] "Log Horizon Season 3" is Coming in October 2020!!! Here's the Twist and Turn You Need to Know!!! Release Date, Cast and Latest Updates

Announcement of Log Horizon Season 3

The viewers had high expectations for the release of the anime in 2016. The fans had to wait long till 2020. The fortunate decision for which the fans remained still till 2020 is announced. The producing company NHK finally gave its verdict for the release of the anime very soon in October 2020. In most probability, there will not be any delay further. 

The anime got delayed from 2016. It only had a reason. The production company suffered from tax scandals and lost its budget for making this season. The anime initially born losses but could gain its strength and finish up the production. 

Rumors were all around spreading continuously. The fans began to believe about the corrupt practices that took place behind the making of the anime. Viewers went down. The rumors about more delay of the anime were also flying in the air. 

In total, Log Horizon consists of eleven novels, and it is unlikely for the release of Season 5.

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