“Riverdale Season 5” : ‘Episode 12’ Is Released. Will ‘Kj Apa’ and ‘Camila Mendes’ Return?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More!!!

Archie comic adaption Riverdale had released it’s Season 4: Episode 11 on Jan 29, 2020. Showrunners will release its Season 4: Episode 12 on Feb 5, 2020, as they promise a weekly release.

No one needs an introduction to Riverdale series. It is currently in its Season 4, and its the perfect time for a mini-crossover with its spin-offs. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Katy Keene). A trailer released earlier this week had shown a glimpse of Katy Keen, as a guest appearance in Episode 12.


Season 10 and Season 11 Recap

Season 10 was a sweet-sour combo episode. It shows an intense match between the 2 rivals, Riverdale High and Stonewall Prep, in which Stonewall Prep gets the winning bite. Parallel to match, Cheryl and Veronica indulge themselves in maple-infused rum startup. Betty learns about the dark side of Stonewall and challenges them for a Quiz competition with an intention to uncover them publically.

 "Riverdale Season 5" : 'Episode 12' Is Released. Will 'Kj Apa' and 'Camila Mendes' Return?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More!!!

In the later part, show hints at Jughead being near to meet his death, and betty’s involvement is pretty much clear by that time. Quiz competition is actual Episode 11.

 "Riverdale Season 5" : 'Episode 12' Is Released. Will 'Kj Apa' and 'Camila Mendes' Return?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More!!!


In Episode 12, probably Alice and Betty are deeply embroiled in their silent investigation of the dark face of Stonewall Prep. It leads them to a face-off with their prime suspect. To clear the rivalry balance, Riverdale’s Jughead fights a duel with Bret. Also, Toni, Kevin, and Tangs join hands against Nick.

Riverdale – Katy Keene Crossover

Episode 12 is the first crossover with its spin-off Katy Keene. In the episode, Veronica flies to New York and meets her old friend. The old friend is Katy Keene. Although there isn’t much time devoted to this crossover, but enough to understand their bond. The role of Katy in Riverdale S4: E12 is played by Lucy Hale.

Where to watch S4: E12? 

You can watch the Episode on Feb 5, 2020, on the app ‘The CW‘ at 8 pm ET.

Not having ‘The CW’? Don’t worry. Netflix premiers all episodes on the next day i.e., Thursdays. Do keep some distance from your blabbering friends for a day to avoid more spoilers (In case you’re reading only this section of the article.)

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