Defendant Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Fan theories about the Sequel!

The defendant is a Korean suspense series based on Park Jung-Woo who is a prosecutor, suffering from temporal Amnesia finds himself locked up in jail one day. he must prove his innocence to get out. In course of time, he is sentenced to death and must try every means to prove that he is just. Aired on SBS in 2017 the show has won interests! Defendant Season 2 is Coming Soon!

The Story of Defendant Season 2

The Story revolves around a prosecutor  Park Jung-woo, who is accused of killing his wife and daughter and is sent to jail. series unravels the mystery of what happened in his life and who really was behind this murder.

Park Jung-woo was truly in love with his family and will not commit such a crime so he is puzzled as to who could hold this against him. The tension of a tragic man is portrayed by Ji Sung, who plays Park so well that one can almost relate to the state of hopelessness that he reaches in struggling his way to find the truth out of prison.

Defendant Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Fan theories about the Sequel!

Park meets Lee Sung Gyu who is his cellmate who helps Park to deal with his sensitive emotions, and then we have Seo Eun-Hye, his public defense lawyer who helps him despite the issues that they had before outside prison.

The Cast

The cast plays a remarkable job in bringing out the pure emotions of every situation which is created in the series. The audience feels a sense of connection towards Park Jung-woo acting, which shows the pure emotions of being hopeless yet strong.

Defendant Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Fan theories about the Sequel!

Will there be a Season 2?

The show recently got an extension of 2 episodes as the directors thought that it would be impossible to judge the series without these additions. However, according to recent sources, it is said that the Drama department has confirmed that a new series in a line called “Whisper” will be released once the completion of these two episodes. Let’s wait and watch!

The Trailer

Do follow the series on Viki until the newest season comes up!

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