Designated Survivor 60 Days Season 2 Release Date, Plot Synopsis & More Updates

Designated Survivor 60 Days is a South Korean Political Drama Series, based on the American Series Designated Survivor. The show is directed by Yoo Jung-Sen and developed by Studio Dragon. The first season had a total of 16 episodes airing on tvN. Today, we will talk about Designated Survivor 60 Days Season 2.

Designated Survivor 60 Days Season 2 Storyline

The show starts with President Yang Jin-Ma dismissing Park Mu Jin, The South Korean Minister of the environment due to his reluctance of approving free trade negotiations of imported cars. The next Day, President Yang announces his intentions of making peace with North Korea, but everyone gets killed due to a bomb blast. With everyone killed, Mu-Jin is sworn in as the president, as his resignation has not officially been done.   Season 1 closes with every character moving on and Park Mu Jin living out his last days

Designated Survivor 60 Days S2 Official Announcement

Initially, there were rumors of Season 2 being confirmed, but they were just rumors and nothing else. The Lead Actor Ji Jin Hee who plays Park Mu-Jin said that Season 2 wouldn’t be easy to create. Bae-Jong Ok, the actress who plays Yoon Chan-Kyung said that the entire cast wants another season. So looking at this, it can be said that the actors are probably hyping the fans or probably campaigning for a new season, hopefully, this would result in a Snyder-Cut Scenario.

Designated Survivor 60 Days Cast

Designated Survivor 60 Days Release Date, Plot Synopsis & More Updates

The main cast members of the show include Ji Jin Hee as Park Mu-Jin, Heo Joon-Ho as Han J00-Seung, Kang Han-Na as Han Na-Kyung, Lee Joon-Hyuk as Oh Yeong-Seok and Bang Jong-Ok as Yoon Chan-Kyung. The supporting cast includes Kim Gyu-Ri as Choi Kang-Yeon, Nam Woo-Hyun as Park Si-Wan,Ok Ye-Rin as Park Si-jan, Son Seok-koo as Cha Young-jin, Choi Yoon-Young as Jung Soo-jung, Lee Moo-Seang as Kim Nam-wook,Kong Juan-Hwan as Kang Dae-Hin, Lee Do-yub as An Se-young, Baek Hyun-joo as Min Hee-Kyung, Park Keun-rok as Park Soo-kyo, Park Choong-Seon as Ko Young-mok, Song Yoo- Hyun as Kim Eun-Joo and many others.

Designated Survivor 60 Days Season 2 Release Date

There has officially been no announcement from the studios regarding the new season. Only a few teases from the fans. If the new season is in the works, then we can expect the new season should come out by 2023 or 2024.

Designated Survivor 60 Days Trailer

Designated Survivor 60 Days is available on Netflix, so those of you who haven’t watched the show can check it out over there.

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