Did Sabrina aka Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman Part their Ways?

Born in Illinois, Kiernan Shipka is a popular American actress. Known for her roles in AMC drama series Mad Men, Feud: Bette and Joan, and her latest show she has had an amazing career. For better or worse, Kiernan Shipka has always denied being interested in a relationship. She has always said that she has absolutely no time for a relationship. Even then she was rumored to be dating Christian Coppola. They also attended The Fendi show together in April 2019. There was news that her current boyfriend was also there (awkward!!). But now let’s jump into Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman in their new relationship.

The Official Confirmation!!

After having officially denied it, Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman have recently been seen together at various events. They also officially confirmed dating each other. It seems, that the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina lead has finally found out time for romance alongside work.

 Did Sabrina aka Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman Part their Ways?

Who is Charlie Oldman?

Well for starters, let’s just remember Sirius Black from the famous Harry Potter series. Charlie Olman’s happens to be his reel life son. Kirnan was romantically involved with Charlie since March. They were clicked together various times including once while having dinner at  Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. They kept on declining the obvious fact still. People also grew suspicious when she accompanied Charlie to a movie premiere. But it was only recently that the love confession came out.

 Did Sabrina aka Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman Part their Ways?

However, before the official confirmation came out they both had posed for an Instagram photo shoot. Charlie Oldman posted their couple’s picture online with a heart. This was the very fuel that was needed to ignite a fire.

Later, when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was renewed by Netflix for a third and fourth season, pictures of them holidaying also made the news. Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman might have planned to spend some quality time because she would soon get occupied with her shoot schedule.

The Breakup of Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman?!!

Soon after in July, it seemed that the two had parted ways. But their fans need not worry at all! There is no friction between them. An Instagram post by Charlie read ” Choose your fighter. Happy birthday kiki” that ended with a heart emoji. Although, this sure isn’t a breakup sign. Stay tuned to know more.

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But until there is any more news about Kiernan Shipka and Charlie Oldman: Relationship status you can check out more news about Goblin Slayer Season 2 and others.

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