Digimon Adventure Episode 27: Release Date, Plot and More Updates about it!

Digimon Adventure, an anime series is the eighth anime series in the Digimon franchise. It’s a reboot of the original 1999 anime series. Additionally, the first trailer was released on 6 March 2020. Subsequently, it was featured on 4 April 2020. However, further episodes were on hold due to the crisis. Digimon Adventure Episode 27 to air soon?

Recently, it resumed on 28 June. It premiers every Sunday at 9 am. What is the release date of  Digimon Adventure Episode 27? Read on to find out further details. 

Release Date of Digimon Adventure Episode 27

Digimon Adventure Episode 27 will be released on 6 December 2020, at 9:00. Besides,  the series releases its new episode every Sunday. Episode 27 is titled ” To the New Continent.” The trailer shows a glimpse of Taichi and the gang ending up in a new place. It is highly likely for Hikari to show up in the next episode! According to the production team, the series will consist of a total of 66 episodes.  You can view further details and read synopsis at Crunchyroll. 

Digimon Adventure Episode 27: Release Date, Plot and More Updates about it!

Episode 26 Recap 

Unfortunately, Waruseadramon had emerged in the last episode.  Consequently,  Agumon and Gabumon join hands to fight against the monster. The battle continues for a long time and the action only gets stronger. With the arrival of the ultimate Digimon- Megaseadramon, all hell breaks loose.

Further, in an escape attempt, Taichi and Agumon are captured in the enemies’ territory. Suddenly, the enemies are frustrated and battle more fiercely. Then we see the appearance of Zudomon’s hammer. Finally, the heroes emerge victorious in the battle. In the end, Taichi is shown reflecting on the enemy’s appearance in the Digital World.

Surely, a  great adventure awaits in the next episode. Episode 27 will show the malfunction that threatens the real world. Koshiro might come up with a solution for the puzzle. This would mean a sigh of relief for the Digital World.

The Trailer 

Enjoy your weekend with this anime series.


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