Digimon Adventure Episode 29: Release Date, Plot and Others are Here!

A Toei Animation production, Digimon Adventure is a Japanese anime television series that is considered to be the first series of the Digimon Media Franchise. Till now this anime television series has released 28 successive episodes. Here is all we know about Digimon Adventure Episode 29!

Digimon Adventure Episode 29: Release Date

The series will release its next episode on December 20, 2020, Sunday at 9:00 P.M. as per the Japanese Standard Time. The show was available to watch on digital platforms such as Netflix in August 2013. It is released in English dubbed versions too for the international audience.

Digimon Adventure Episode 29: Release Date, Plot and Others are Here!

However, the series was originally released on DVD in 2000 by Twentieth Century Fox and Buena Vista Home Entertainment by the year 2002.

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Recap of the Previous Episode

In the previous episode, Taichi and his group were on their journey to find a new world. meanwhile, there was a rocket explosion going on in the present-day world. Further Digimon was blessed with violent powers and the team continues to fight for the perfect world. On their journey, the evil Darkknightmon appears who wants to kill Taichi’s sister who is later saved by Angemon.

The devil calls for his power from the sky and flies Angemon above who saves himself and plots a different plan to defeat Darkknightmon.  Angemon and the others are now found to be in a different world now by unleashing a knuckle. Subsequently, we see Taichi, Agumon, and Hikaru be searching for the others and Soro tells them about they being separated from each other. Digimon Adventure Episode 29 will come soon?

Later on, questioning by Taichi kishiro discloses the truth of Angemo who evacuates them who is currently sleeping at Patamon. Further Kishiro tells all the whereabouts of the world to Taichi. The episode ends with Taichi following Skullnighmon for revealing and getting a clear idea of what happened to Hikari.

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