Disjointed Season 2: Release Date, Kathy Bates Returning & More

Disjointed Season 2 is an upcoming American web comedy series starring Kathy Bates. Originally Season 1 of the series released on Netflix with a run time of 23-31 minutes. The first season has 2 parts, the first part released on August 25, 2017, and then the next part on January 12, 2018. The viewers liked it nevertheless giving a 93% viewer rating. As far as Season 2 is concerned we may have some good and some bad news for the fans.

Disjointed Season 2 Plot

Ruth Whitefeather Feldman runs a medical marijuana dispensary while encouraging her loyal patients to chill out and enjoy the high life. As a comedy show, it gains a lot of popularity and got a 6.7 rating from IMDb.

The plot of season 2 is still unknown but let’s get some insights into the previous one. In the beginning, the story starts after the legalization of cannabis usage. Ruth Whitefeather Feldman (Kathy Bates) employs her newly graduated son and a team of young budtenders to help run her Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. As business gets running ruth and her team meets some high and low along the way.

The show even touches on serious issues such as PTSD and highlights the medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant. They also take care of each other and knows another other personally.

Disjointed Season 2: Release Date, Kathy Bates Returning & More

The Cast

The amazing cast of the first season which made us laugh in every turn will be surely there if there is a disjointed season 2. The cast has Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, Aaron Moten as Travis Feldman, Ruth’s son, Elizabeth Alderfer as a budtender and love interest of Travis, and many more entertaining characters.

Disjointed Season 2 Release Date

Netflix ordered 20 episodes of Disjointed Season 2 out of the gate and decided to break them up into two “seasons”. Since only Netflix knows what they consider to be a success when it comes to viewership.

Netflix has concluded the show in these 20 episodes and no news of the renewal of the plot being written for another season but enjoy the whole package of funny and wittiness of the show

Disjointed Part 2 Trailer

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