Disney just CONFIRMED Alita Battle Angel 2 in Returning with Rosa Salazar & fans are Loosing their Mind

Disney is famous for making films that leave the audience speechless. Alita Battle Angel is another such creation that made the crowd go wild over the whole picturization of the movie. However, the film has left people with a lot of questions that were left unattended.

Soon after the release of the film, there have been petitions everywhere for a sequel of this Japanese Manga script to complete the story. A lot of changes were made in the original script of the movie, but few parts were left unexplained.

Though Alita loses her lover Hugo in the film, she seems to be well aware of her exact destination. She rises to be the star of Motorball Championship, trying her way to go back to her city Zalem and it’s leader Nova.

Despite the mixed reviews by the critics, the film did certainly well at the box office, making a decent gross over $404 million worldwide. After all this, there is no report confirming the sequel for the film yet.

There is no answer to where Alita has actually come from and how she landed up in the city junk. None of the scenes in the film hinted us on what Alita’s past could be, which left the story incomplete.Fans are Extreme Excited for "Alita Battle Angel 2". Release Date and Everything you need to know about it

Let’s take a guess of who would be coming back if there is a sequel to this astonishing film. Roza Salazar would definitely come back as Alita as she’s the main protagonist of the film, and she said she loved her character.

We can expect Christopher Waltz back as Alita’s surrogate father, Dr. Dyson Ido, and of course, we can’t deny that he was the one who revived Alita back to life. Edward Norton¬†should definitely come back as Nova. We can expect other new characters to enter the plot as one of them has been cut out from the original script.

There’s no news that confirms the release of any sequel yet. The cast and crew have to give out the confirmation of news if there’s any. Until then, let’s just wait.

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