Divine Gate Season 2 : Release Date, Plot and More News about it!

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the second season of Divine Gate. The first season was one hell of a series. Packed with terrific action sequences and the right tune of humor. Additionally, music scores are also good. However, it’s been four years since the season finale. The production team has revealed no news yet. So, we are curious about renewal. Is the show up for a sequel? If so, when’s the release date of Divine Gate Season 2? Read on to find out further details on this topic.

Divine Gate, an action genre anime television series. It was adapted for television by Pierrot. The series aired from January 8 to March 25, 2016. The series is licensed in North America and the British Isles by Funimation. Also, Anime Limited is releasing the series for Funimation in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Well, originally the series is inspired by a game. The series is written and illustrated by Natsuko Takahashi. It’s directed for television by Noriyuki Abe. The series aired on the networks- Tokyo MX, KBS, Sun TV, TVQ, and TV Aichi. The first season consists of a total of 12 episodes.

It’s inspired by a 2013 Japanese smartphone game developed by Acquire. The game was available on both iOS and Android devices. 

About Divine Gate Season 2

The story begins when the Divine Gate opens up. Well, it does begin on an ominous tone. Consequently, the living, heavens, and underworld all become interconnected. Naturally, chaos wreaks havoc and chaos.  The era of chaos begins because in this place desires and conflict intersect. Subsequently, to renew peace, the World Council is announced and later formed. Eventually,  peace and order are restored upon mankind. Naturally,  the Divine Gate becomes an urban legend. The myth is passed on to the next generations.

Divine Gate Season 2 : Release Date, Plot and More News about it!

Fast forward, the series enters the time of the modern era. In this world, boys and girls considered fit by the World Council are gathered. These kids have to fulfill only one criterion-  they aim to reach the gate. Additionally, the desire should be based on their personal objectives. The children who reach the gate can remake the world. Not only will they reform mankind, but they can also change the past or future.

Divine Gate Season 2 : Release Date, Plot and More News about it!

This plot is entirely inspired by the game storyline. So, the creators might have a hard time finding material for a follow-up. Well, all we can do is patiently wait and hope for the best.

Release Date of Divine Gate Season 2

It’s already been 4 years since the first season finale. There’s still no news about a second season of the series. Back in 2017, there was some buzz about Pierrot coming up with the second season. However, the news died down soon only. The production team also released no further news. So, fans only waited which seems now like an eternity.

Well, mostly such series are developed to popularize the game. The series ran its full course and did quite a well job. However, there have also been some negative reviews. Some fans remarked that the writing wasn’t up to the mark. Also, the critics shared these comments. Consequently, the revenues were quite low despite the huge gaming fan base. Also, there’s no source material available as of now. These negative responses are holding back the creators from coming back. Studio Pierrot and the production team has not revealed any official dates.  However, the game is still going strong and the anime also has a huge fan base. So, we can expect a follow-up season.

We are all ears and will let you know once we learn of more developments.

The Characters

Divine Gate Season 2 : Release Date, Plot and More News about it!

We might see the Following in Divine Gate Season 2!

  • Akane Voiced: Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese) and Joel McDonald (English)
  • Auto Voiced: Sōma Saitō (Japanese) and Chris Burnett (English)
  • Midori Voiced: Kanae Itō (Japanese) and  Alexis Tipton (English)
  • Hikari Voiced: Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese) and Lindsay Seidel (English)
  • Yukari Voiced: Sora Amamiya (Japanese) and Apphia Yu (English)
  • Ginji Voiced: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese) and Jarrod Greene (English)
  • Arthur Voiced: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese) and J. Michael Tatum (English)
  • Boy K Voiced: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese) and Mikaela Krantz (English)
  • Ifrit Voiced: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese) and Rachel Robinson (English)
  • Undine Voiced : Mai Fuchigami (Japanese) and  Sarah Wiedenheft (English)
  • Sylph Voiced: Kana Asumi (Japanese) and  Natalie Hoover (English)
  • Metabon Voiced: Yuri Yoshida (Japanese) and Monica Rial (English)

The Trailer 

Here’s a trailer of the first season.

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