Drifters Season 2 :Release Date, Plot and More Updates about the Manga!

The anime Drifters is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. The first season of the show was broadcasted on 7 October 2016. A possible Drifters Season 2  was hinted at at the end of the first season.

Drifters fuse the presence of historical figures into its story and that is what turns everything around. From the get-go we expect the show to be like any other Isekai anime, but soon enough it proves us wrong by its unusual and unique take. This combination of History and Fiction is a perfect match indeed.

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Drifters Season 2 Official Announcement

The official sources haven’t released any updates regarding the renewal of the show yet. Despite that, it is most likely that the series will return with the second season soon enough. The first season and its following 3 OVAs have left behind a message for the fans claiming To be continued the Second Season. See you. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara.”

This in itself is a marker for the security of Drifters Season 2 in the works.

Drifters Season 2 Confirmed? Release Date, Plot and More

The Storyline

The term “Drifters” refers to a team of legendary warriors from different timelines and backgrounds. Murasaki puts this team together and sends them into a magical parallel dimension to save the world from evil supernatural creatures called “Ends.”

The Ends possess superpowers that have to be countered by the Drifters based on their personal experiences and learnings from their own worlds. The union of such a mismatched team keeps us enthralled, but it is also what makes them stronger. Drifters Season 2  starts exactly where Season 1 ended.

The Trailer

The trailer for Drifters Season 2  hasn’t been released till now. Watch the trailer for the first season of Drifters below.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

In the message left behind by the creators of the show, the year “20XX” has been mentioned. There is no clarity as to which year is being pointed at. Because such a message was left in the first place means that there is still a lot of stories left to be covered up by the anime.

Therefore, we can continue to anticipate the coming of Drifters Season 2 in the future. It could happen in the early phases of 2021, or maybe a bit later. We will have to wait to hear more from the official sources.

Watch the first season of Drifters on Crunchyroll.

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