Eleceed Chapter 88: Release Date, Plot, Characters And More On It!

For Manga lovers out there, here we are updating you about Eleceed Chapter 88. This manga series has been pretty popular among the geeks. So many fans have been waiting for the release of this forthcoming chapter. Therefore, we have come up with this article. Here you will get to know almost everything about this chapter. So, you need to stay tuned till the end to know what we have updated about this series. Now, let us jump directly into the details without wasting much time!

About Eleceed Chapter 88

Jiwoo is considered to be a very kind-hearted young man. He is known for his ability to harness any cat’s lightning-fast reflexes. He does this to make the world a better place but is very secretive towards his aim. Then there is a fugitive secret agent who eventually finds himself trapped in the body of a cat, who happens really fat, fluffy, and old. He is being called Kayden.

Eleceed Chapter 88: Release Date, Plot, Characters And More On It!

Armed altogether with the superpowers that Jiwoo posses as well as the uber-smarts of Kayden, they will be aiming to combat all those forces that would be letting all the evils to rule this world. If they can withstand each other long enough than expected to get their ultimate job done, then that will be it.

The Plot

The comic’s concept is one of the very interesting plots. It will be leaving the author with an absolute tonne of choices for taking the plot. The basic plot is that Jiwoo the mc stumbles across a very fat wounded cat, who happens to be Kayden. He after being chased got turned into a cat and then it turns out that Kayden is an “awakened one”. This also leads Kayden to discover that Jiwoo also has superpowers. This takes Kayden to Jiwoo to train and become a friend, as well as a mentor.

Characters In Eleceed Chapter 88

Eleceed Chapter 88: Release Date, Plot, Characters And More On It!

  • Jiwoo
  • Kayden

Where To Get It?

The Trailer

Eleceed is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation so those who want to watch it can check it out.

But until Chapter 88 releases, you can check out more news about Jojo Part 6.

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