The Makeup Remover Chapter 23: Release Date, Plot And More!

For all the fans who are waiting, here we present a piece of good news. The Makeup Remover Chapter 23 is all about to make its release. This chapter is expected to start exactly where it had left in the last chapter. There are also a few details that have been laid out by the team so far. We know you are eager for real to know what this new installment hides. So here we cover a lot of information that you need to know. So let’s know about this new chapter without wasting much time.

About The Makeup Remover Chapter 23

Yeseul feels really confused when she begins college again after so many years. She was earlier being told that she needs to concentrate on studying. She unexpectedly was forced to pay attention to makeup. Yeseul starts to doubt the role that makeup, as well as beauty, play in society. Eventually, she will get a chance to meet with one of the most brilliant makeup artists. That person is called the Yuseong. He, therefore, leads to her taking part in a televised makeup competition.

The Plot

The Makeup Remover Chapter 23: Release Date, Plot And More!

Kim Yeseul happens to be a student of photography. She always has been living her life as others told her to. And therefore, Yeseul devotes all her time to learning. She also started not caring about her appearance or impression on others. Despite her best efforts, as well as, middling grades, she has no mates or friends around. Also, her appearance is mediocre too. Then Yeseul visits a makeup parlor on a whim, hoping to imitate Joo Heewon, the most beautiful girl at her school.

Characters Of The Makeup Remover Chapter 23

The Makeup Remover Chapter 23: Release Date, Plot And More!

  • Kim Yeseul
  • Joo Heewon

Where To Watch It?

The Trailer

The Makeup Remover is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation so those who want to watch it can check it out.

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