Emma Walker Death and Her Tragic Story: Teen Girl KILLED by Boyfriend

Emma Walker, a young, passionate cheerleader of Central High School, Knoxville was shot dead. She was brought up in a decent manner and almost everyone loved her. For the same reason, there is no room for a revengeful murder. Then what led to Emma Walker Death? Let’s have a look.

Personal Life of Emma Walker

Emma Walker was born to Jill Walker and Mark Walker on 20th March 2000 in Tennessee. She was a young energetic school girl. Emma always longed to be a cheerleader. She loved to engage with people and spend her time enjoying themselves with them. For the same reason, she was happy to take up the role of a cheerleader. Above all, she had a good rapport and pleasant attitude, which made her strong as a leader.

Emma Walker’s affair with Riley

It was in 2014, Emma met Riley. Riley was two years elder than Emma and he was a football player. Emma Walker and Riley shared a good company. On the first day itself, Riley noticed the highly energetic girl out there cheering his team-up. Gradually his interest in that girl, that is Emma Walker, developed, and eventually, they fell in love with each other.

Tragic Story of Emma Walker: Teen Girl SHOT & KILLED by Ex- Boyfriend

At first, like any other school romance, everything seemed perfect. Gradually there started conflicts between their likes and dislikes. Riley was over-possessive and he restricted Emma from hanging out with her friends. He wanted Emma to spend more time with him. Riley started controlling Emma’s life in a more inclusive way. This created some clashes between their way of living.

The role of Emma’s parents

Emma’s parents had a significant role to play in her life. They were the best supporters of Emma Walker. For instance, they loved and respected her decisions and even supported her affair with Riley as they found Riley extremely good and loving. For the same reason, they didn’t restrict their daughter from meeting her boyfriend.

As soon as they understood the real over possessive attitude of Riley, they developed a kind of dislike towards him. And the stories of their conflicts made them more suspicious. The snap chat messages of Riley sounded arrogant and terrific. So, Emma’s parents took her phone away from her thinking that this could possibly save her from Riley.

Tragic Story of Emma Walker: Teen Girl SHOT & KILLED by Ex- Boyfriend

Emma Walker Death & Aftermath

Even after the warning, she continued to love Riley. Their relationship was growing to a poisonous level. After seeing the pictures of Riley with some other girls of the school, Emma decided to end their relationship. Riley was not ready to leave her like that. He made a prank on her lying dead on the bushes in their school on the day of the party.

The following day Riley came to her to talk with Emma and apologize for what he has done. After sometime Emma’s mother asked him to leave her house as she was not at all happy with their relationship. Later that night, Emma was shot dead. In the first investigation, rumors came that, Emma committed suicide. But then, some of Riley’s friends expressed their doubts to the investigators regarding the role of Riley in her death.

The investigators asked some of his friends to spy on him and collect evidence. With those findings, the investigators concluded that Riley has some role in Emma Walker death. Eventually, all the evidence turned against him. Police arrested Riley in 2018.

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