‘Emma Watson’ & ‘Tom Felton’ are SECRETLY DATING and they are trying to HIDE their Relationship

Rumors of everyone’s childhood crush Emma Watson with Tom Felton are roaming in the air. Emma Watson is the celebrity crush of almost every person who is a crazy fan of Harry Potter. If you’re one of them, you too must be freaking out now! Fans go crazy, and the web goes gaga!

Emma Watson’s first pic with Tom Felton (A real Ravenclaw’s move)

Both have been seen hanging out together for the last few months. In November 2018, Emma posted a picture on her Insta handle. They were spotted spending time together on California beach doing skateboarding.


In another post by Tom later in 2019, he’s sitting on the beach wearing a white-tee quoting ‘Women do it better.’ In the caption, he mentioned the same with an ‘EW.’ You can see the knees of Emma Watson in the bottom zone of the picture. Ravenclaw’s mind, isn’t it?

A few more pictures rolled down on his Instagram handle, one in which Emma is playing guitar, and Tom is the teacher. Emma holds it just right. He captioned it ‘Quick learner.’ The photo came out of their vacay in South Africa.

Paparazzi saw Emma Watson kissing a mystery man

Only a few days ago, Paparazzi cameras spotted Emma Watson kissing a man (face never revealed, damn bad cameraman’s angle!) right outside Galli’s Bakery in London. Now the pictures of Tom and Emma are there on Insta. It is pretty obvious that the mystery man could be Draco (Felton). This leads to the trueness of the fandom ‘Dramoine’ ship.

When questioned by US Weekly last year, Tom said, “Lovely Emma. We do see each other quite a lot, actually. We just don’t always post pictures about it. Everyone loves the reunion of it. We’re reuniting all the time. We just don’t always post it on Instagram.”

While none of them officially confirms yet, but Dramoine fandom can be a reality, isn’t hard to believe. They do look cute together, and every Harry Potter fan wants to see them together.

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