Extraordinary You Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

Extraordinary You Season 2 is a South Korean Drama released in 2019 based on the 2018 webtoon titled “July Found by Chance” created by Moo Ryuyee. The show has a notable cast that even includes two K-pop Idols, namely Rowoon (a member of the K-pop boy band “SF9”) and Lee Na Eun (a member of the K-pop girl group “April”). We’re waiting desperately to meet our favorite duo in Extraordinary You Season 2.

What makes Extraordinary You Season 2 stand out?

Extraordinary You Season 2 showcases that some characters of a story will always be sidelined by its author to focus on the protagonists. Extraordinary You highlights this very nature, but it goes beyond that by questioning this structure and hierarchy of roles by bringing a side character to the forefront. The characters of Dan Oh and Ha Ru literally come alive in the story and start speaking for themselves. This also sheds light on the fact that the protagonists of a story can never enjoy such an agency because their developments will always be spelled out and curbed by the author’s writing. These two characters can digress the path laid down for them, simply because they side characters, who are often forgotten by the audience. But, here we can see them write their own fate, a very “extraordinary” move indeed (pun intended).

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The show has a multidimensional soundtrack that impressed its fans. It features songs by famous K-pop groups like Stray Kids, April, and Delivery.

Extraordinary You Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

Extraordinary You Season 2 Release Date and Announcement

Extraordinary You Season 2 premiered on 2 October 2019 on MBC TV and went on for 32 episodes till 21 November 2019. The ending of the first season is considered as satisfactory and happy by half of its fanbase, while the other half is still looking forward to more.

Anyway, neither of those halves has had enough of Dan Oh and Ha Ru. The sky-reaching popularity of the show may actually result in the renewal of the show for a second season but nothing of the sort has been announced yet.

Extraordinary You Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Updates!

It’s still pretty early to say anything on the matter. We might receive some kind of announcement about Season 2 in the coming year.  Considering the turn the story took in the last episode there is still a huge possibility of a sequel. We will notify you as soon as we hear anything. The new season might feature a new arc since we saw both Dan Oh and Ha Ru move into the narrative of a new webtoon.

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Characters are merely a figment of creation belonging to their writers. What if, one day one of these characters rebels against the fate laid down for them by their author? Extraordinary You introduces us to one such character, Eun Dan Ho from the comic book titled “Secret”, who finds her arc to be a cliche.

Therefore, she enacts her agency to write her own story for herself and becomes even more determined when she ends up meeting an unnamed character Number 13, whom she later calls Ha Ru. However, as can be perceived, stealing the reins of her life from the original author is bound to have its percussions. The attempt to move from the sidelines to the forefront and speaking for herself may not be as easy as it seems.

Season 1 of Extraordinary You is streaming on Netflix.


If the show ever returns for Extraordinary You Season 2, we can hope that the old cast members will reprise their roles.

  • Eun Dan Oh played by Kim Hye Yoon
  • Number 13/ Ha Ru played by Rowwon
  • Baek Kyung played by Lee Jae Wook
  • Yeo Joo Da played by Lee Na Eun
  • Lee Do Hwa played by Jung Gun Joo
  • Oh Nam Joo played by Kim Young Dae
  • Jinmichae/ Geum Jin Mi  played by Lee Tae Ri

The Trailer

Check out the trailer of Extraordinary You Season 1 below.

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