Fans are HATING!!! & TRASHING “Ludacris” for Supporting Pedophile “R Kelly”

American rapper and Disturbing the Peace founder Ludacris disappointed his fans by mentioning R.Kelly, who is allegedly a sexual abuser, in one of his new tracks. The rapper went live on Instagram with counterpart Nelly in a battle powered by VERZUZ MERCH. They both played their hits back to back.

In the course of this, Ludacris reportedly played a track which is not yet released and has a line that says, “I love R.Kelly, but around my daughters, I’m not comfortable.” R&B singer R.Kelly has two decades worth of sexual abuse allegations against him and is currently facing multiple state and federal charges in the US.

Fans are HATING!!! & TRASHING Ludacris for Supporting Pedophile R Kelly

Fans were quick in bashing out against him. One of the fans said that Nelly won it for him by for the simple reason that Ludacris dared to shout out R.Kelly not once but thrice! “I love R. Kelly…”? Ok Ludacris. This is having a bad start,” said another fan. The fans are disappointed and can’t fathom why their star “loves” R.Kelly while he is still locked up at MCC Chicago.

Recently Kelly’s plea to be released from the prison was turned down by the authorities. Prosecutors wanted him behind bars for all good reasons, although he claimed that he could not hamper the process by hampering with alleged victims.

What is yet to be revealed is the amount of damage that Ludacris has caused to his image or at least economically to his new track. He took a chance by associating Kelly’s name in his track, and it may backfire. The sudden upsurge of bashing he received on social media clearly shows that the fans do not appreciate the association of a sexual abuser with Ludacris.

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