FBI ‘raids’ star “Omi in a Hellcat”, 33, ‘Grab his Supercars, Rolex Watches and Bank Accounts’!!!

Omi in a Hellcat, 33, has been struggling from FBI raids these days. FBI has raided the houses of millionaire YouTube and Instagram star Omi in a Hellcat. They have seized his supercars, Rolex watches, and financial institution accounts as they will examine his TV streaming enterprise and tax returns.

YouTube and Instagram star Omi in a Hellcat is titled as Omar Carrasquillo. Therefore due to FBI investigations, the 33-year-old Omar Carrasquillo is left with nothing after the final round raids in the last month.

FBI 'raids' star "Omi in a Hellcat", 33, 'Grab his Supercars, Rolex Watches and Bank Accounts'!!!

“I used to be a multi-millionaire every week in the past, and now I’m right down to nothing.” – Omar Carrasquillo

Omar Carrasquillo is unable to pay his 33 employees due to the raids conducted by the FBI as he has no cash left with him. Omi in a Hellcat has a total of 250,000 followers on Instagram and more significant than half 1,000,000 followers on Youtube.

He has posted a video on Youtube ‘THE FBI SEIZED EVERYTHING FROM ME’ that got multiple million views.

His mansion in Woolwich Township, New Jersey, and different houses have been seized in the raids.  FBI authorities also took Rolex watches, plus diamond, gold, and silver jewelry.

 “Bro, once I advised you they took all the things, they took each SD card, each digital camera, each tv in my home, homes. They took each automotive.” – Omi in a Hellcat

Now let’s see what is going to happen with the investigation lead by the FBI. Stay tuned for more updates.

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